Waldron Court, Heathfield

Costs (until 31st March 2019)

Services and support charges:

  • £181.00 per month

There are a range of services provided at our schemes and the cost of providing these services is met by the service charge, which usually includes the following items:

  • cost of the scheme manager service, including salary, national insurance, pension, heating, electric and water charges to residential and office accommodation (where applicable), office telephone, sickness benefits, and charges for monitoring and maintaining the emergency call system
  • cost of maintaining the communal areas, including cleaning and materials, window cleaning, gardening, heating and electric costs, and any statutory charges
  • insurance of the buildings and communal equipment and public liability
  • contribution to a sinking fund for renewal of communal furnishings and/or the emergency call system
  • contribution to a sinking fund for cyclical decorations
  • administration and audit charges
  • water/sewerage charges where there is a communal water meter
  • a contribution towards a sinking fund for major repairs (where applicable)
  • contribution to gas boiler maintenance contract (where applicable)
  • Sussex Housing & Care’s fee for managing and administering the scheme.


Applicants must:

  • Be over 55 years of age

Parts of Waldron Court are wheelchair accessible.

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