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About Us

Sussex Housing & Care was formed in 1946 by a group of local residents working in senior positions in health and housing.

The supporters and employees of the organisation still work towards the organisation's initial aim - to make sure 'in old age there should be security, and that no-one in their latter years should find themselves stranded, with nowhere to go, and no-one to befriend them.

From these beginnings, Sussex Housing & Care has extended and we now offer a range of quality homes and care services for around 800 residents in a variety of locations in Sussex.

Our annual report

Here's our current annual report 2017/2018. This report gives information about our current work and recent developments.

Our annual financial statements can be found below.

Sussex Housing & Care's Accounts 2018

Our mission:

Our mission is help older people live their later lives to the full. 

Our values:


- We are open and honest in all our activity.
- We take responsibility and keep our promises.
- We treat everyone with fairness, dignity, kindness and respect.
- We listen and respond to the views of our residents, staff and stakeholders.
- We are efficient and seek value for money in all that we do.