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Customer service

Our aim is to provide the best standard of service for all our residents.

Comments, compliments and complaints

We welcome your suggestions, comments and views on how to improve the services we offer. We also like to know when we've done a good job and met, or exceeded your expectations.

We recognise that from time to time things go wrong and you may feel you have not received the quality of service you deserve. In this case you have the right to complain.

Below are our complaints policies for both our housing and care homes.

For more information please contact your scheme manager or home manager. Alternatively you can contact our Head Office on 0845 402 3702 or email office@sussexhousing.org.uk

Housing complaint policy (PDF, 125KB)

Equality and diversity

It is our policy that all applicants for housing and employment are treated equally and that discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, religion and ethnic origin and sex is both unfair and unacceptable.  We welcome applications from people with special needs or who are from disadvantaged or discriminated against groups.

To make sure we meets our aims, ethnic records are maintained to check that all applicants for our housing and employment are treated equally.  To help us with this monitoring exercise all applicants are requested to describe their ethnic origin.  If the applicant does not wish to provide this information, they will not  be pressed to do so and their application will not be affected in any way.