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Extending your lease

If you’re a leaseholder and live in Church Bailey, Bourne Court or Cheneys Lodge, have you considered the number of years that are left on your lease?

As the years diminish it’s likely that the value of your property will also reduce. If you’re thinking of selling your property in the future it will be more favourable with buyers if the lease is a good length.

If you've more than 90 years remaining, the value added to the flat by extending the lease may not be much, so there's no urgency for leaseholders with 90 years or more left who plan to stay put. However, everyone – whether selling or staying – should start thinking about a lease extension once their lease gets to around 80 years. Leases which are shorter than 80 years can be more expensive to extend.

For more information about extending your lease please visit any of the following websites:



If you’re a leaseholder living in our other leasehold schemes your lease will renew when you sell your property, so you don’t need to extend it.

We are currently developing a step by step guide about extending your lease.

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