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Sheltered Housing to buy

Leasehold Sheltered Housing is a popular choice, allowing people over 55 to enjoy the benefits of home ownership and independence - but with the added security and reassurance of knowing help is on hand if needed.  

There are two types of leasehold property available at Sussex Housing and Care;

Affordable - Four schemes are available with the buyer paying 70% of market value, but owning 100% of the property.  These are aimed at people who may not otherwise be able to afford to purchase a retirement home. These are:

Downash Court in Ticehurst

Nevill Close in Crowborough 

Sackville Court in Bexhill

Waldron Court in Heathfield

Market rate - Properties at four of our schemes are sold at 100% of the market valuation. These are:

Church Bailey in Pevensey Bay

St Peters Mews  in Bexhill

Bourne Court in Hastings

Cheneys Lodge in Seaford

Applicants for both types of leasehold sheltered accommodation must meet Sussex Housing & Care's criteria, which is assessed through an informal interview.  

Please note that all of our leasehold schemes are sold via estate agents.

Find out more about our leasehold accommodation by clicking on any of the locations below.

The Scheme Manager Service in our Leasehold Schemes

We aim to make your sheltered scheme a safe, comfortable and happy place to live.

Your scheme manager will usually be at the scheme for a set number of hours a week and when they are not present, you will have access to an emergency service via the Lifeline.

Your Scheme Manager will:

  • Look after the scheme common areas including any lounge, laundry, guest room and other shared areas
  • Manage the gardening, cleaning and window cleaning contractors (as applicable).
  • Report repairs needed in the common areas, and those that affect more than one flat and manage these contractors when they are on site
  • Carry out regular checks to make sure the scheme is safe
  • Make sure the Lifeline service has up to date information on you to enable them to help you quickly should you need this.
  • Keep in regular touch with you. We will provide a regular call to you if you want one, usually through the Lifeline equipment
  • Organise coffee mornings or residents’ meetings
  • Promote social activities and good neighbourliness
  • Manage scheme budgets and the scheme amenity fund
  • Produce a scheme newsletter and make sure you receive our “New Outlook” magazine for all our residents
  • Take complaints (and compliments) about any aspect of our services and arrange for a response
  • Ensure Sussex Housing & Care leaflets are available and that appropriate certificates and standards are displayed

What to do when the Scheme Manager is away (including out of working hours)

If you need help out of working hours you can press your personal alarm pendant or pull cord in your home. There are also cords and speech modules in the communal areas. Your call will be answered by Lifeline who can assist with:

  • Alerting the emergency services
  • contacting a relative or friend
  • Having a contractor attend when there is an emergency repair required.