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Posted by: Lizzie Gurr, on 23/03/2015

Residents celebrate 75 years of marriage

A married couple living at Woodlands care home in Crowborough have celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary amongst residents and staff.

Kit and Bill Murray were married in 1943 in Cambridge in the midst of the Second World War and on Tuesday 20 March they celebrated their diamond and gold milestone anniversary which very few people have the opportunity to do.

Kit said: “Bill was torpedoed during the war and because of this he got two weeks survivors leave so we took the opportunity to get married. My mother had been bombed out in London so we married in Cambridge which was home to Bill’s family. We had no jobs, no money and no home. My dress was white but it was borrowed from a relation.

I only saw Bill once during the year after our wedding and only a few times in the four years after, which is probably why we have no children! Bill had to immediately go back to Scotland as we were losing so many ships in the war that they needed people to gun down overhead planes. In fact Bill received a medal called ‘Honneur et Patrie’ from the French embassy last year for his recognition in saving the lives of many French troops.

We’ve had a happy life and lived in Devon for 20 years before moving back to Crawley to retire. We each have a room here at Woodlands and Bill comes to see me every day.”

Woodlands care home is owned by Sussex Housing and Care, a housing association for older people whose mission is to help people live their later lives to the full


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