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Our community

We have a thriving community amoungst residents at our sites across Sussex. Not only are there many activities and events at each site, but residents also have the opportunity to visit other sites and meet one another. For example, we have enjoyed a skype quiz between sites to celebrate 'Silver Surfers week', a wii competition and visits to summer fetes or for afternoon tea.

If you are interested in meeting fellow residents or visiting their schemes please tell your scheme manager or home manager and we maybe able to facilitate arrangements. 

A talking point


After requests from residents, we have set up a Sussex Housing & Care Facebook page to give everyone an online space to share their experiences, keep up to date with latest news and to get to know each other. Just sign up to Facebook and you will be able to take part and contribute to our online community.

Residents and students during our visit to the school

Building links with local schools

Many of our sites are based in villages and towns so are in close proximity to local primary and secondary schools. We have built strong links between school children and our residents in Mayfield, Battle and Bexhill and are looking to improve our community connections in other towns.

Following a visit to St Richards College in Bexhill, resident Maureen Woodhams said: “It’s been a very entertaining afternoon. The children have been delightful and it’s a revelation to see the difference in the classroom from my days at school. It’s been lovely to share our experiences and learn from each other."

Get in touch!
If you know of a school who would like to be involved, have an idea of how we can link up, or are particularly interested in taking part in a project, then please contact your scheme manager, home manager or the communications team: communications@sussexhousing.org.uk