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Sheltered Housing to rent

Rented Sheltered Housing enables people over 60 to live a totally independent lifestyle – but with the security and reassurance of knowing help is on hand if needed. That's because all our schemes enjoy the benefit of a dedicated scheme manager rather than 'floating support' which has become increasingly common.

It’s this combination of independence and security that makes Sussex Housing & Care's sheltered housing such a popular choice.

With studio flats as well as one and two bedroom apartments, Sussex Housing & Care's sheltered accommodation can provide for a wide range of needs. 

Our rented sheltered housing has certain eligibility requirements as follows:

• 60 years of age or over

An applicant will not qualify for the waiting list for Rented Sheltered housing if:

•They have a significant amount of savings or capital that would enable them to secure suitable accommodation to meet their housing needs.

•They own a property or have an interest in a property, either in the UK or abroad and that property reasonably meets their housing needs or there is sufficient equity to be able to sell the property and purchase or rent suitable alternative accommodation to meet their needs.

An applicant must have leave to remain in the UK and recourse to public funds and not be subject to immigration control.

Sussex Homemove

We work in partnership with local authorities to allocate our homes and they are entitled to nominate applicants from their Housing Register to our empty homes. They will do this through Sussex Homemove. This lets you ‘bid’ for the homes you like by registering an interest in them.

All bids received are ranked according to the household’s housing need and allocated in accordance with the rules set out in the Council’s Allocation Policy. The person ranked highest according to their housing need will be contacted with an offer of a property. Your local council can advise you on your eligibility to join their Register of Housing Need and bid via Sussex Homemove.

Find out more about Sussex Homemove here