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Giving your time

Sussex Housing & Care is delighted to be supported by many volunteers across East and West Sussex.

For some, volunteering is a fun and satisfying way to fill in spare time and meet like minded people. For others it is a way of contributing to the welfare of older people in their local community. Many find themselves acquiring interests and skills that might never otherwise have surfaced, and friendships formed can be enduring.

Older people have a wider range of interests and activities than the people of 50 or 60 years ago. There is also a greater challenge to meet the needs of our more frail residents and tenants, in order for them to have an active and fulfilled life. This requires more volunteers working in a one to one setting, as well as with groups.

Would you give your time and friendship? Would you help support us to provide more activities and outings for older people?

If so, please us on 01323 875254 or contact the home, housing or live at home scheme nearest to you, using the properties links on the left.