Personalised care

Carer kneeling down smiling at resident who is sitting in a green armchair Each resident has a tailored care plan which is created alongside friends and family when they first move in. We review care plans on a regular basis so we can meet people’s changing needs and continue to promote their independence.

Our dedicated team of carers are on hand 24 hours a day to provide support to residents. Our care can range from helping people with tasks of daily living including washing and dressing, to more advanced mobility problems, end of life care and care to residents living with dementia. We are committed to making sure our residents receive a high standard of care and are treated with dignity and respect.

Our staff all receive comprehensive training and are supported with their continuous professional development. Our carers are passionate about the care they provide and are encouraged to promote independence. We ensure our residents have access to local GPs and health services such as dentists, opticians and

We encourage our residents to personalise their room with their own belongings so they can create a homely feel and make it their own. Residents have an active voice in how services are provided.